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Riders of Icarus - Confusion over flying mounts in Hakanas Highlands
Many people wonder if their games bugged when they first attempt to fly a mount in Hakanas Highlands. If you’re getting kicked straight off your flying mount on attempting to fly with the message “Familiar unable to exceed its maximum altitude. The altitude in this region is too high for this familiar””, chances are that your trying to fly a “Prismatic Ashtail” or a “Sparrow”. 
This is not a bug, the above-named mounts only have a max altitude of 130 meters, in many parts of Hakanas Highlands the ground is higher than 130 meter, this is the reason you get kicked off the mount.  
These are starter mounts for training, follow the storyline quest in the area until you come to a quest called “Death from above”, in the area marks on the map for this quest you will be able to fly your new mount up to 130 meters.  
NOTE : These are training mounts, other flying mounts have much higher altitude limits. 
I hope this info helped. Have fun.