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Riders of Icarus - Taming Rogaton the White for Gold
Reasons to tame Rogaton The White?

Higher level players need Sealed “Rogaton The White” for Intelligence (magic attack) and Willpower (health) stats. 
This level 18 Elite Mount is easy gold for new players. Ways you can take advantage of this mount for gold. 

Stage 1

Farming “Sage Grass” for a rare drop called “Glowing Sageweed”, Sage Grass can be found all over “Hakanas highlands”. 
 Also “Giant Nettle” will drop quite often, this is used in crafting to make an item to tame “Hoonbaba”
Sage Grass and Giant Nettle sell well in the Market place for an easy profit, let’s call it a side-line profit from this guide.
Note. If you can’t be bothered with the longer process of taming and levelling, and sealing Rogaton. You can sell the “Glowing Sageweed” on the Market place, for a good profit to players that are interested in the taming process. Thus, some players may wish to skip stage 1 by purchasing your “Glowing Sageweed” from the Market place. Win-win.
Stage 2

You have your Glowing Sageweed, you can now proceed to tame Rogaton The White.  
Things to note.

He is located just east of Kellwoods in the Hakanas highlands, as marked on the map by my location.

If your level is lower than 17, then your success rate is low/medium. If your around 17-20 you may need to bring down his life a little first, depending on your player level. If you fail to tame him, you lose the Glowing Sageweed and will have start all over again.  

If you haven’t tamed anything before now, this is not the place to learn. Each time you fail will be costly. Learn to tame before attempting this guide.

Once tamed, you will now need to level this mount up to level 30 for the best stats once sealed, and best market price once sealed. Note, you can stay mounted and go AFK a couple of hours, but you could also ride the mount whilst repeating stage 1 for your next Glowing Sageweed :)
Once you’re ready to seal your mount, you will need 1 Elite Seal Stone, right click the sealing stone in your inventory, when the Familiar Info pages comes up, click on Rogaton the White and confirm.

You can either buy an Elite Seal Stone from the Market (currently 60 silver on my server), or Farm LavaLight Cave dungeon on heroic level.

If you don’t want to level him all the way up to 30, below are a few differences in stats at each level.

Once you have sealed Rogaton, you’re ready to list him on the Market place.

Look at current listing, especially the level of the items compared to the level of yours.

Consider how long your willing to wait for your gold returns when listing your items, how much time have you put in, how much has it cost you. 

If someone else is listing at a very low price, either wait or list as normal and wait. If they list it at a silly price, why not buy it and relist it higher (this is called, playing the market) but its risky. 

In the example below, Rogaton Level 30 was listed much too low, compared to the level 21 and was only just priced above a level 1. Take your time to check the market, maybe the level 30 was under-priced, or the level 1 and 21 were overpriced.??
Other factors to consider.
Market prices vary from server to server, and even from day to day. First look up all the prices on your Market place. Then make the decision based on current prices if it’s worth your time doing stage 1 only or Stage 2 only, or both?

Another thing to consider is taming points, each time you tame Rogaton, this will cost you 15 taming points. Each day your taming points will reset to 100, also each time you level up they will reset. You can also get Taming Points Potion (100 points) daily from achievements system by “Succeeding to tame a familiar with the failure gauge below 10%.

Always collect your rewards from the achievement system, especially daily rewards as they will disappear on daily reset. You do this by either clicking “Activities” and “Achievements” bottom right. Or by pressing “[“ on the keyboard.  
Note take a look through all your achievements, click through all the tabs on the left and across the top, also filter “Earned” to find all your unclaimed stuff.  

Drop rate for the Glowing Sageweed for me was around the 30th Sage Grass, but this may vary. I also hit lucky when it did drop. I got 2 Sage Grass, 2 Giant Nettle and 2 Glowing Sageweed from on Flower.
Also gather Iron and Gold as you come across it, it all sells for extra profit on the market.

Sell Glowing Sageweed in stacks of 1-3 only if you want to make a quick profit. Most players will only need 1 to 3 attempts and will not often buy more than they need. The same goes for the other items, sell them in 10-25 stacks. 

Market fees, yes this can be the stinger. If you’re not premium the market fees are high, about 20% to list and 20% on sale. So, consider if this is even worth your while. If your planning on hanging around this great game, I would really recommend getting 30 Day Premium before doing for this guide. Premium members fees are around 4.5% instead of 20%

So, what are you waiting for, go gather... and tame Rogaton the White