I rate games differently to other players (I’m a gamer, not a sceptic), the old 8/10 system is so 20th century.  
With my system there are no limits. Each main category is scored 0-10 totalling 0-40 points.  
Any features that stand out, good or bad will score or loss bonus points  
I find this system really highlights the unique aspects of each game, its pros and cons included 
I also re-rate each game as I progress and leave an overall rating history. This is the only fair way to rate a game, some games get better with time, others get worse with level and longevity.  
Click on any game below to get a full detailed breakdown of my review and rating. 

Riders of Icarus
(32 Main +29 Bonus)

+63 - 34

Graphics 9.5
Audio 7.0

8.5 Gameplay
7.0 Value for money
Rerated 20th May 2017 @ Level 40 (Approx. 150 Hours Played) - Overall 61 ( 32 Main + 29 Bonus )
First rated 5th May 2017 @ Level 30 (82 Hours Played) - Overall 61 ( 32 Main + 29 Bonus )