NEWS: Bless Online ~ 27th May 2018
Bless Online Early Access 28th May

NEWS: Paragon ~ 21th Feb 2018
Paragon is releasing $18,000,000 worth of content 3D models to anyone for FREE. See HERE for detials

NEWS: Paragon ~ 21th Feb 2018
Paragon is to CLOSE on April 26th, and they are refunding any money spent on the game. See HERE for detials

NEWS: Bless Online ~ 21th Feb 2018
MAY 2018 Release Confirmed

NEWS: Bless Online ~ 20th Feb 2018
MAY 2018 Release Leaked Trailer on official youtube account (Unlisted)

NEWS: Bless Online ~ 20th Feb 2018
Bless Online Official Webpage NOW online

NEWS: Bless Online ~ 13th Feb 2018
Bless Online Development Roadmap Interview 

  • Early Access will last 6 months. But will have no reset at the end.
  • Reduce the grind for western release.  
  • Trading isn’t possible with the JPN version of Bless Online, but are seriously considering it for the steam version.
  • Overhauling Bless to optimize and improve the graphics of the game. 
  • No region lock for the steam version.
  • Siren , Iblis and Feyadin races to be released Q2 2019.
  • Plan on having Player/ guild housing to fill in the open spaces in a future update. 
  • New content just for the steam release. 20-man field bosses, and 40-man raid bosses for PvE. Adding a high lvl place for pvp. Adding 10vs10 and 15vs15 BG's. Overhauling the large scale war system for PvP. Plus much more to be revealed later.  
  • One thing to note. They still have not confirmed or denied any rumours regarding their business model for the EU/NA version. Some say they are going B2P. I’m personally ok with B2P/Sub, and cash shop (if everything in the cash shop is obtainable ingame and its not P2W).