Dark and Light - Early Access
Dark and Light. Tames usage as known thus far.
Sheep.  – Crafting Fur & Polymorph

Boar.  – Collecting Berries, Mushrooms, Grass, Straw, Apples, Seeds, Twine and WoodCrafting Goblin contracts.

Treant.  Crops grow faster if near the Treant.  

Kebo. – Collecting Lightstone, Light Elemental Core, Wood, Twine, Stone, Iron, Sulfur, Copper, Apples, Grass, Straw, Berries, Flowers. 

Bahamut. – Collecting Stone, Iron, Sulfur and Mithril.

Mastadorn. – Collecting Grass, FlowersStraw, Twine, Berries and Wood

LongHorn. – Collecting Sulfur, Wood, Twine, Grass, Straw, Berries, Apples, Flowers, Copper and Stone

Grut Stag. – Collecting Grass, Berries, Wood, Straw and Twine

Bargesh. – Collecting Meat and Hide.  

Ice Imp. Acts like a larder.  (Preserves materies)

Fire Imp. Acts like a Fire.  (Cooking etc.)

Yeti. – Collecting Grass, Straw, Berries, Twine and Wood

Bear. – Collecting Bones, Hide and Meat

Ice Wolf / Wolf. – Collecting Hide, Meat and Bone

Panther. – Collecting Hide, Meat and BoneSpeed and Defence. 

Vrock. Flight.  

Water Elementals. Provide water to crops. (unconfirmed you can also drink from them)

All the above information has been compiled from a combination of personal experience, a steam forum post by Natjur and a google doc here. If anyone has more information and/or pictures in the format as above and wishes to contribute. Please email me at xeroonegaminguk@gmail.com