Dark and Light - Early Access
Crafting and Iron Greatsword
Firstly you will need to be :- Level 9 in Melee Crafting (Actually craft the Sword), Level 6 in Thaumaturgy (Craft the Chaos Essence) and Level 7 in Survival (Craft the Materials including Mithril Ingots) 

Materials you will need in total.

125 x
125 x
50 x
25 x
95 x
150 x
15 x
125 Lightstone, 125 Darkstone, 50 Magic Essence, 25 Hide, 95 Copper Ingots, 150 Iron Ingots and 15 Mithril Ingots. 
To unlock the Cyclops Workbench you will need to create

                              Chaos Essence at your Magic Table. 

Now take all your materials, not forgetting the Chaos Essence to the Cyclops Workbench. 

5 x
Go to the place marked with a red dot on the map above. It’s a cave that looks like this..

Coords are : - 44108, -11731, -3419 
Once you locate the table and KILL all the cyclops guarding it. You will need to place all the above materials into the table.  

Now create a Work Table Core to unlock the table.  

Now you will be able to craft your shiny new Iron Greatsword at the table.

This process will take 1 HOUR to craft. Don’t worry you won’t get much hassle form the cyclops during this period, just watch out for other players !! 
Hope this helped, stay tuned for more tutorials.