Dark and Light - Early Access
Dark and Light. Hints and Tips for beginners.
Quick, basic tutorial on House Seals. i.e. House protection. 
This is by no means 100% accurate, as I am still learning the ins and the outs my self. But I’ll explain what I know so far. 
The “House Seal” will protect your house (10 block x 10 block x 5 block high) from player damage for as long as you keep it fuelled and activated.

The only way a player or alliance can damage your house, is by declaring war on your alliance. (this is my understanding so far, not tested this myself yet) 

But anyways, you want to know how to craft it, right? 

Firstly you will need to be about level 25 and done some considerable amount of crafting/learning to have unlocked the blueprints. I don’t know the exact player level and crafting levels need to perform this, but I did it at level 25 

1, You will need to craft and place a Magic Workbench (30 Wood, 60 Stone, 20 Copper Ingots, 5 Iron Ingots, 200 Magic Shards.) 

2, At your magic Workbench, you need to craft many “Magic Essence” (1 Glass Bottle filled with water, 10 Magic Shards) for each Magic Essence. 

3, You will need to craft and place a Workbench (30 Wood, 50 Stone, 20 Hide, 20 Copper Ingots)


4, Now at your new Workbench, you need to craft and place a House Seal also known as a House Work Station ( 56 Magic Shards, 80 Wood, 30 Iron Ingots) 

5, Now at your new House Seal (House Work Station), hold down “E” and select Search.
6, Drag all the Magic Essence that you have just crafted into the House Work Station, then exit. 

7, Now just press “E” once and the shield will be active. 
Note. Remember to place your House Work Station ( house seal ) central, so that it covers the entire house. 

Note. You will need to keep topping up the magic shards in the house work station to keep the shield active. 

Note. I don’t know how long each magic essence lasts, but I’ve seen estimates ranging from 50 minutes, to 1 hour.

Most of the advice is from personal experience, and some from word of mouth.

 If you see any incorrect information, please contact me at the email address below. 
Thanks for reading, keep tuned for more tips..