Where to find STONE
(Cliff Quarry) Low level area- 1 Stone per Node

 King's Horn Wyvern Nest

Aprox. 2-3 stone per Node (Contested Area) - King's Horn Wyvern Nest also spawns Turbans.


Route 1 - Green Area

Run along the road collecting all 4 stones, then collect the 6-8 stones along the upper road. Once you reach the end of route 1, turn around and look over the edge as if your about to jump off the cliff. If you can see that the stone at the start has re-spawn you can proceed to jump down and repeat.

Route 2 - Blue Area

This one is a no-brainer, your in an enclosed area, collect all the stone you can see until it starts to re-spawn and repeat.

Now the important part!!

These 2 routes are linked, if someone else is running the other route your stone will indefinitely re-spawn. If you start to notice that the stones are not re-spawning, then the chances are no-one is running the other route and you will need to alternate. 

 Be smart, if someone is running either route don’t try and contest it, instead go run the other route. If your both doing this then you will have an endless supply.  


Don’t just collect the stone only, collect everything, next time that node will probably be another stone, also this keeps the re-spawning flow going.

The BEST place to farm stone obviously is Resource dungeons (Turbans) 4-5 Stone per node.

The last and by far the best place to farm stone is finding turbans. Turbans can be found in almost any contested area. These are hard to find only because you’re not the only one constantly looking for them. Once you get used to finding these turbans, join a crafting group. You will gather a lot faster allowing you to make the most of the time limit.