Avorion - Beta 0.12.7
Avorion is a sandbox multiplayer game where you find yourself in a sci-fi galaxy, far far away from the milky way. You can explore this galaxy, build your own space ships and stations and get to know other people who do the same. 
You can mine asteroids to collect resources, which you will then use to build your own ships. There are other ways to gain credits, too: You can trade with other players (or AI) or destroy and loot ships controlled by other factions or pirates. Everything in the game is be made out of blocks of different sizes, this way it is easy to build your own space ships as you wish, and even generate them randomly for infinite possibilities!
My Personal Info and Experience Page - Playing since Beta 0.11

Questons I've seen asked and not really explained.

Q, how can I see which alliances that I've purchased Illegal, Dangerous, Stolen and Suspicious cargo licences from?

A, when you purchase a licences, it puts a create into your ships inventory. If you look in your inventory (press I) and hover over the create, it will tell you the alliance name and type of licence. 

Note 1, You must have the item in the inventory when you enter the territory. 

Note 2, If you buy the higher tier licence, you also get the lower tier included. So you don’t need to buy all 4.
Note 3, You can drop these licence crates into your alliance bank so that your alliance can take them out and use them (Maybe, but not confirmed. They may still work in the alliance bank for everyone that’s flying an alliance ship)

Note 4, Just encase you didn’t know, you buy the licence from any friendly trading post, and the licence covers all the said territory. 

Q, Our LOW.MS server crashes every 30 minutes and loses 2 minutes of progress? 

A, The chances are, you have removed the branding from your server name or description.
Did you remove either "- Hosted by LOW.MS" or "A low.ms game server. Visit https://low.ms for your very own Avorion server!" 
If you log into your control panel, click log viewer, look at your latest ServiceLogsxxxxxxxx-activity.log. If you see this :- 

7/18/2017 2:47:14 PM Stop SYSTEM Monitoring (branding removed from hostname xxxxxxx) script 
7/18/2017 2:47:14 PM Start SYSTEM Monitoring (branding removed from hostname xxxxxxx) script 
This is a script that runs and I’m guessing is supposed to put the branding back, but instead just repeats every 25 minutes or so, this actually stops your server and restarts it about 2 minutes before you actually get kicked (that’s your 2 minutes lost progress) 
The only way to solve this is by putting the branding back in the name, it won’t happen again after this. 

Q, Is there a general list of what materials and goods are sold at stations? 

A, YES, You can find a very good list over at Gamepedia HERE >> http://avorion.gamepedia.com/Goods