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is your 3080/3090 crashing?
Chance are its built with 6 cheap POSCAPs and no MLCC capacitors, founders edition is build with 4:2 ratio of these capacitors.
Microsoft to Buy ZeniMax Media
Which includes Bethesda, Elder Scrolls, Fallout & Doom to mention a few
H.266 video encoding (Versatile Video Coding (VVC))
Half the size/bandwidth of current standard H.265/High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) without compromising visual quality.
Rogue Company
Play Rogue Company Beta Now
ComicCon@Home 2020 July 22nd – 26th
ComicCon and IGN have combined forces to bring this year’s ComicCon direct to your chair.
Major Twitter Hack
Large scale twitter hack eligibly using Twitters own admin tool targets high profile people including the YouTube gamer MrBeast
UBISoft Hyper Scape
Enters Open Beta
Amazon New World
Beta delayed until spring 2021
Fallout the TV show
Fallout TV show announced by Amazon Prime
Dying Light 2
Release date delayed indefinitely? maybe late 2020?