Upcoming EU/NA MMOS of 2018-2019 and onwards

A:IR Ascent: Infinite Realm (Unknown EU/NA release)

Ascent: Infinite Realm takes place in a high fantasy steampunk world where machines and magic rule and everyone is dependent on flight to explore, travel, and conquer. In search of a new home, adventurers take to the skies using a wide selection of airships, vehicles, and flying mounts to traverse A:IR’s open, highly vertical world.

Ashes of Creation (expected release December 2018)

Ashes of Creation is a unique take on the MMO experience. Our world structure is dynamic and built to react to the actions of our players. Cities will rise and fall, their populations based on the history of the world as the players create it. Quests will unlock as these populations gather, their needs grow, and secrets are unlocked.

Anthem (release 2018)

Anthem is an upcoming online multiplayer action role-playing video game being developed by BioWare and published by Electronic Arts. It is slated for a 2018 release on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Players will assume the role of a Freelancer, one of a group of people who leave their civilization to explore the surrounding landscape.

Bless Online (Global release 2018 via STEAM)

less is an ambitious, story-driven fantasy massively multiplayer online role-playing game, at this year’s G-Star trade show. Built using Unreal Engine 3 in partnership with Epic Games Korea, BLESS boasts the latest in cutting-edge graphics and redefines what online games can look like.

Bless is truly Neowiz’s attempt to push the Unreal 3 engine to the absolute limits of online play with photorealistic graphics, action oriented combat, and an enthralling storyline steeped in lore and combined with phasing technology to allow players to create their own unique story.

In Apr 2017 Bless RU made the decision to close down after only a short time due to game bugs and unfinished content. Neowiz still says the game is coming to the west !!

Lost ARK World (EU/NA release Unknown)

Lost Ark, a 3D massively-multiplayer online role-playing game offers an immersive action-centric playing style and adopts a non-targeting combat system and a dynamic quarter-view angle to maximize the game experience.

The whole world is in chaos from the attack of Kazeros’ demon army, as Kazeros opens the Chaos Gate with his six legions to invade the human world. Like a legend that exists in myths, the world has become a place where there are no heroes and everyone has forgotten about the Ark that defeated the demons in the past. Now, the player must venture the vast world of the Lost Ark and go against the demon army.

Dark & Light (Currently in Open-BETA)

Dark and Light puts players in an immersive fantasy world that is filled with magic, monsters, and mystery. In this world, they will be challenged to survive and thrive through a combination of crafting, exploration, and powerful magic. Dark and Light is the new flagship PC sandbox MMO from Snail Games, an open-world survival adventure that sets players loose on an amazing new planet.

Lineage Eternal (EU/NA release 2018 ??)

Lineage Eternal: Twilight Resistance is a fantasy MMORPG from NCSoft that will large scale battles, including siege warfare, and the will reintroduce the isometric perspective that made the series famous years ago.

Changes to the game have recently been made it so that at times you control and switch between several members of a party, though the game still behaves much like any other MMORPG where multiple players are needed for group content.

Dual Universe (Pre-Alpha – Kickstart)

Dual Universe is a “Boundless MMO”: based on an innovative server technology called CSSC (Continuous Single­Shard Cluster), the game enables everybody to play in the same world, at the same time, without any slicing of the game universe into instances or zones.

The in-game world is entirely modifiable and an unlimited number of players will be free to build together, cooperate or compete. Using the building blocks provided by the game, the in-­game community will make the choices and create the content they will play in.

Moonlight Blade (EU release Unknown)

Moonlight Blade is a martial arts MMORPG set in an enormous ancient world. Follow the path of one of eight clans.  An enormous world 18 times bigger than Skyrim, and constructed with the aid of movie makers to create a cinematic combat experience.

Experience questing, daily role-playing , or meditating under an instructor. Or, explore the world.

Beyond traditional MMORPG elements, players can undertake assassination missions, play music, create ink paintings, and hunt on horseback.

There are now 2,200 different types of plants designed, with 17 different environment designs.

New World (2018-2019 by Amazon)

New World is a massively multiplayer, open-ended sandbox game that allows you to carve your own destiny with other players in a living, hostile, cursed land. How you play, what you do, and whom you work with or against is up to you.

Live on your own amidst the supernatural terrors or join with others to build thriving civilizations. In this evolving world that transforms with the changing of the seasons, weather, and time of day, the only limit is your own ambition.

Note : Amazon have been leeching devs from Guild Wars 2 over the years.