Shadow of War, after one week i’m not impressed.

Game looks great, and for the first 50 hours its fun. But after just a week the game has become very frustrating to play.

Overcrowding and constant commander spam makes conquest slow, annoying and irritating to say the least. Doesn’t seem to be much of an end game other than conquest. So this is not going to be the game for me. That being said it was fun for a while.

Enter this amazing competition to win this dream PC

NVIDIA & GameChanger Custom PC Draw


PC Specs

·         GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti

·         Case: Custom-milled, completely unique aluminum chassis

·         Motherboard: Asus X99-E WS USB 3.1 Intel X99 (Socket 2011) DDR4 EATX Workstation

·         CPU: Intel i7-6850K 3.60GHz (Broadwell-E) Socket LGA2011-V3

·         Memory: Kingston HyperX Predator 16GB (8x4GB) DDR4 PC4-24000C15 3000MHz

·         Storage: Samsung 960 PRO Polaris 2TB M.2 2280 PCI-e 3.0 x4 NVMe Solid State Drive

·         Watercooling: EK Water Blocks EK-KIT S240 Performance Watercooling Kit

·         PSU: Silverstone SST-SX700-LPT SFX-L 700W 80 Plus Platinum Modular Power Supply  Custom Milled Aluminum Chassis

·         Estimated total value – $15,000

Shadow of War, game displaying on wrong monitor

If the game defaults to the incorrect monitor, Simply do the following

1, go into Settings, Display and change Display Mode to “windowed”

2, Click Apply, then click YES

3, Drag the game over to the correct screen by left click and holding on the bar at the top of the game. Drag the game to the TOP of the correct monitor

4, Then going back into Settings, Display and change Display Mode back to your desired mode, i.e. Boarderless of Fullscreen.

5, Click Apply, then click YES

Problem should now me resolved.

Battlefront II BETA is here, but….

Well I was about to pre-order and start playing today after work. But after reading all the negative reviews so far. I think I’m going to wait two days for the open BETA. Not really a fan of spending £55 on a game I might not like or play much.

Wasn’t overly in-love with the first one, it was great at the start but got boring pretty quick. So I was already skeptical if I was going to buy Battlefront II with Destiny 2 just around the corner.

If I do like the BETA probably just going to buy it from CDKeys.

CDKeys – £38.47