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Information Section.
Welcome to my information section, here you will find small titbits of useful information from random games. 
If you’re here, chances are you’ve been linked here or searched a specific problem. Hope the info here can help you. 

Riders of Icarus - Useful Priest Info

Strength (Max: 762): One strength adds 1.00 Physical Attack 

Dexterity (Max: 656): One dexterity adds 0.05% physical critical rate, 0.05% evasion, and 1.00 physical critical damage 

Constitution (Max: 593): One constitution adds 25.00 health and 1.00 critical defense 

Intelligence (Max: 1997): One intelligence adds 1.20 magic attack 

Willpower (Max: 685): One wisdom adds 0.05% magical critical rate, 30.00 mana, and 1.50 magic critical damage
Other stats

CDR = Cool Down Reduction 
CTR = Cast Time Reduction 
STR = Strength 
DEX = Dexterity 
CON = Constitution 
INT = Intelligence 
WIL = Willpower 
Priest Stat Priority (PvE): CDR -> CTR = INT -> CON/Health -> Magical Critical Damage = Magical Critical Rate. 
Priest Stat Priority (PvP): CDR -> CON/Health -> INT = CTR.

Source >> Good icarus forum post HERE
Sealed Mount Slots
Health: Coldtusk (Elite), Black Wind (Elite), Blood Destrier (Elite), Gryphons (Yvoke, Windrunner, Scadella), Barios (Elite), Bear (Common), Turtle (Common) 

Mana: Elite Reindeer (Rotagan the White, Logash, Elder Caribou), Albino Ashtail (Elite), Reindeer (Common) 

Health/Mana: Caldera Firebeak (Elite), Rotagan the White (Elite), Vulkanas (Elite) 

CON: Coldtusk (Elite), Albino Ashtail (Elite), Squawkers (Common), Owl (Common) 

INT: Elite Reindeer (Rogaton the White, Logash, Elder Caribou) 

WIL: Rotagan the White (Elite), Taslan the Devourer (Elite), Frost Spider (Elite) 

Magic Attack: Blue Bloodwyrm (Elite) 

Magical Critical: Blue Bloodwyrm (Elite), Gilded Benthic (Elite) 

Magical Critical Damage: Gilded Benthic (Elite), Yvoke (Elite)
Please note that this information was taken from a much bigger and more detailed post over on Icarus forums HERE, I’ve taken just a small summary for my own personal needs at level 40. Take a look at the full post for more details by “sarcasm”.