Latest News EU/NA Release
Dev Talk #3 
~ 10th Apr 2018

Rhythmic Combat  
• Total combat system restructuring 
• Using a stance, attack, combo system. 
Restructuring Growth Mechanics 
• New advanced learning and leveling up skills. 
• There is a variety of ways to obtain the gems that are used to level skills that do not include p2w 
Party Buffs 
• Playing in a party will be more beneficial than playing alone. 
• Party leader can choose a combat effect and lifestyle effect dependent on party structure.  
User Friendly Monetization 
• Content token shop: In-game currency earned by playing to purchase functional items. 
• Lumena shop: In-game currency purchased using real money to buy a variety of convenience and cosmetic items. 
• Lumena Exchange Center (name is WIP), ability to convert content tokens into Lumena.  
Tutorial Zone  
• New players to practice basic skills.  
• Experienced players can skip this tutorial if they wish. 
Guide Quests  
• These will teach you things the tutorial does not. They are much easier to understand than the pre-existing introductory quests. 
Improved Content Pacing  
• You can adjust to Bless in stages instead of being overwhelmed right from the beginning. 
Upgraded Monsters  
• Mobs now have special skills. We are also currently developing more features that will make leveling up an exciting adventure! 

Interview with MMOGAMES
~ 21st Feb 2018

  • May Early Access release Confirmed 
  • Business model confirmed. B2P with cash shop for cosmetics, mounts, skins, consumables and boosts.  
  • Taking precautions to limit gold spammers from the start. 
  • Vast Mount and Pet taming system. 
  • No separate PvP and PvE servers. 
  • Consumables to make you immune to PvP purchasable from vendors upto level cap, purchasable via cash shop thereafter.. 
  • Cash shop currency obtainable in-game. 
  • Large scale war, RvR,100v100 battlegrounds. Open world PvP. 

MAY 2018 Release Leaked Trailer on official youtube account (Unlisted) ~ 20th Feb 2018

  • Early Access will last 6 months. But will have no reset at the end.
  • Reduce the grind for western release.
  • Trading isn’t possible with the JPN version of Bless Online, but are seriously considering it for the steam version.
  • Overhauling Bless to optimize and improve the graphics of the game.
  • No region lock for the steam version.
  • Siren , Iblis and Feyadin races to be released Q2 2019.
  • Plan on having Player/ guild housing to fill in the open spaces in a future update.
  • New content just for the steam release. 20-man field bosses, and 40-man raid bosses for PvE. Adding a high lvl place for pvp. Adding 10vs10 and 15vs15 BG's. Overhauling the large scale war system for PvP. Plus much more to be revealed later.