PATCH NOTES and issues  P.2
Personal Issues (Post 1.0.3)
• Still have black-screen exit.  
• Still have pilot data not found bug. 
• Having lots of issues with squad play, friend starts a mission with me in his squad, he starts the mission with 3 random players and I get sent to random Freeplay instance, then get disconnected seconds later. Lots of other random problems that are very similar in nature with regards to squads. 

Server-Side Patch 1.0.3 (15-03-2019)
• Masterwork & Legendary drop rates have been increased for Grandmaster 2 and Grandmaster 3 difficulty levels.  
• Masterwork & Legendary drop rates have been increased for harder enemies at all difficulty levels. This includes: Legendary Ancient Ash Titan, Elite Ancient Ash Titan, Legendary Fury, Legendary Ursix and Legendary Luminary. 

Loot Patch 1.0.3 (09-03-2019)
High level fixes and changes 
• Respawn restrictions have been removed - Respawn timers are now based on the activity a player is in. Crit-Path, Agent Missions and other non-end game missions now have a respawn timer of 10 seconds. Strongholds, Legendary Contracts, and other end game missions now have a respawn timer of 30 seconds. The respawn timer Freeplay remains unchanged. 
• Loot Changes - Common (white) and Uncommon (green) drops will no longer appear for players that are level 30. 
• Improved stability for all platforms - this includes fixes for a number of issues that were causing crashes or connection problems 
• Audio Improvements - Fixed a number of issues that could cause audio to drop out 

General Fixes and Improvements 
• Fixed a number of issues that were blocking players from accessing the Forge 
• All missions should now properly end when all conditions have been met 
• The inbox now properly displays information on PC (the inbox is found in the newsfeed) 
• Fixed an issue that would cause players to be unable to interact with NPCs in Fort Tarsis 
• The vault is no longer accessible from the Forge. This change was made to improve performance 
• Fixed an issue that would cause the game to hang when entering menus while on an expedition 
• Titans will no longer respawn on missions after they are defeated. Example: if players defeat 2 out of 3 titans and then wipe on the third, the first two will not reappear when players respawn during a mission 
• Server shutdown messages should now appear less often 
• The ability to Quickplay into a Stronghold has been added back to the game 
• Mouse button 4 is no longer bound to the back button for PC players 
• Crashes that occurred while selecting certain conversation options when interacting with an NPC have been fixed 
• Players should no longer get stuck at the end of the “Tomb of General Tarsis” mission 
• Players should now run into less issues during Quickplay missions. Additional improvements to Quickplay will be coming in future updates 
• Players should no longer get stuck behind fogwalls on missions or in strongholds as often 
• Players should now receive credit for the “There Be Giants” challenge when they are downed and when the event is active 
• Improved the audio when defeating creatures to provide better feedback 
• Changed wording for server shutdown messaging to better indicate that it is just the players server shutting down, not the entire game server 
• Players may now launch an expedition from anywhere within the launch bay and Fort Tarsis. 
• PS4 led lights will now change based on the javelin being used 
• It should now be harder for players to get stun locked by certain enemy compositions 
• The values on max flight time inscriptions have been increased 
• The appearance of the N7 vinyl on Legion of Dawn armor has been improved 
• Haluk will now properly face players during certain dialogue scenes 
• The message “Open the Cortex to track the legionnaire Challenges” will no longer pop up after completing the appropriate challenges 

• The quality of loot from Stronghold chests has been improved, no more common and uncommon drops! 
• Fixed an issue that would cause players to get stuck at the entrance to the sewers in the Temple of the Scar Stronghold 

Creature Updates 
• Titans: We have made several balance changes to all variations of Titans 
o Reduced overall damage mitigation from 100% to between 70% and 75% depending on the damage type. 
o Increased the time that weakpoints are exposed. 
o Fixed an issue that prevented effects from applying and thus preventing combos. 
o Increased the damage the Titan takes from weakpoint hits. 
o Lesser Titan’s weakpoint’s have been changed to always be active. 
o Improved the collision on the ring and seeking projectile attacks. This should make them easier to dodge. 
o Decreased the radius of the seeking projectile attack. 
o Decreased the damage done by the self-destruct ability. 
• Frozen Scar Enforcers and Scrappers can no longer move or attack while frozen 
• The Monitor’s health has been greatly reduced in the Heart of Rage Stronghold. 
• Force 
o Players will be less likely to be repeatedly staggered by heavy attacks. 
o Adjusted the force applied by some creature attacks down which will lower the frequency of player’s being staggered. 

Damage and Item Scaling Changes 
• Adjusted the damage scaling of secondary damage sources. These now scale with Average Item Power. This will allow these damage sources to better scale in the Grandmaster Difficulties. This will increase the scaling of the following: 
o Melee Damage 
o Combo Damage 
o Ultimate Damage 
o Status Effects 
o Item Procs (e.g. Proc from Yvenia’s Thunder) 
• Item Power scaling has changed to better reflect the actual power of the item based on its rarity. This is applied to all items retroactively. Players will see the Power of their items go up. 

Gameplay Bug Fixes 
• The Ultimate ability bar will no longer appear full at the start of a mission when it isn’t actually full 
• Weapon recoil will now stop once an exo is looking straight up 
• Fixed a number of animation issues that could occur when the Colossus was using its shield. 
• It should no longer be possible for the Interceptor to become Frozen while starting up their ultimate 
• Interceptor Aura damage will now deal the correct type of damage based on the active aura 
• Players can no longer equip abilities from one javelin to another 
• The Colossus can now use gear faster after being attacked by a heavy hit from enemies 
• The Colossus can now shield charge through destructible objects such as explosive canisters or harvest nodes 
• The Colossus now recovers faster after crashing into walls 

Item Balance Updates 
• Increased the base health of Wind Wall and Bulwark Point to provide better scaling in higher difficulties. The duration of these has been reduced to 20 seconds, down from 60 seconds 
• Burst Mortar’s damage has been increased to 300, up from 145 and its cooldown has been reduced to 6 seconds, down from 10 seconds. Its description has also been fixed. 
• Flak Cannon’s damage has been increased to 42, up from 30 
• Battle Cry’s description has been updated to explain that it also reduces the resistances of affected targets 
• Wraith Strike’s damage has been increased to 250, up from 200 and it will now apply elemental effect to targets based on the active aura 
o Note: Description text for Wraith Strike will be updated in 1.0.4. 

Item Bug Fixes 
• Wind Wall should no longer block or interfere with other player abilities 
• Ranger Grenadier Component will now correctly lower the cooldown of grenade abilities 
• Fixed an issue where certain weapons were not firing where the crosshairs were aimed 
• The Ice Blast ability for the Storm javelin now has the primer icon correctly displayed 

Inscription Bug Fixes 
• The Thruster Delay Recovery Inscription is now correctly applying a bonus 
• The Overheat Delay Recovery Inscription is now correctly applying a bonus  
• The Weapon Reload Bonus Inscription is now correctly applying a bonus 
o Note: These will have non-updated text values until the next patch (1.0.4) 

Masterwork Item Balance Updates 
• Increased the base damage of the following Masterwork Weapons. 
o Ralner’s Blaze 
o Rolling Carnage 
o Cycle of Pain 
o The Last Stand 
o Glorious Result 
o Insult and Injury 
o Sentinel Vengeance 
o Gnosta’s Balm 
o Vassa’s Surprise 
o Soothing Touch 
o Renewed Courage 
o Artinia’s Gambit 

Masterwork Item Bug Fixes 
• Ralner’s Blaze - Will no longer roll with incorrect inscriptions 
• Ablative Shielding now provides the proper boost in shield and armor 
• Badge of Devastation will now generate more ultimate charge when triggered 
• It should no longer be possible to stack the effect from Gunslinger’s Mark more than once 

Personal Issues (29-02-2019)
• Strongholds missing from map.
• Sound dropping out.
Loot Patch 1.0.2.x (possible 28-02-2019)
Inscriptions are now better for the items they are on 
• This applies to new items earned in Anthem (not existing ones in your Vault) 
• If an inscription applies only to the item it is on (gear icon), it will be useful to that item. Otherwise the inscription will provide a Javelin wide benefit 
• For example, an Assault Rifle will not have an item specific +pistol damage inscription. It may have a +electric damage suit wide inscription (cool for a lightning build) 
• Some more information below 
• Removed uncommon (white) and common (green) items from level 30 drop tables 
• We have reduced the crafting materials needed to craft a masterwork from 25 masterwork embers to 15 masterwork embers 
Additional inscription change details 

• Each item type now has a specific set of inscription options for each of their inscription pools. The pools are smaller and are targeted to the specific item type 
• Any item specific inscriptions (gear icon) will always benefit the item they are on 
• Javelin wide inscriptions (suit icon) will benefit damage or survivability across the whole Javelin 
• Secondary inscriptions focus on utility and can be targeted to the item (gear icon) or the entire javelin (suit icon) 
Personal Issues (28-02-2019)
• Ultimate still showing as ready at the start of a mission when it’s not.
• Black screen when exiting game (Alt-tab close)
Morning Patch (28-02-2019)
• The tethering timer for missions has been increased. Players should now have more time to catch up to their Squad before seeing a countdown timer. 
• The Swarm Tyrant encounter in the Tyrant Mine Stronghold can no longer be reset by the entire Squad exiting to the main menu and rejoining the session in progress. 
• Players are no longer able to reopen chests that have already been looted in Strongholds. 

Hotfix (24-02-2019)
• We have deployed a fix that should address the issue some players were facing when trying to personalize their javelins. After personalizing in the Forge your settings should hold now. This fix also addresses the issue where some players were unable to craft the Dawn Shield during the crit path missions.
Personal Issues (23-02-2019)
• Bugger Quickplay (Contact: Threat Assessment) - (Recover a Shaper Fragment from a Dominion Spy) – locate Dominion Spy 
• Bugger Quickplay (unknown, no mission objectives at all). When I left, I got the mission debrief from the previous mission I did before.) 
• Bugger Quickplay (Mission: Tempting Target) - (Find Researchers) – Continue Search 
• Bugger Quickplay (Mission: Research and Rescue) - (Thwart the Escari’s Plans) 
• Bugger Quickplay (Contact: Freelancer Work) - (Ensure Security for Arcanist Conducting Tests) – Locate Second Site 
• Bugger Quickplay (Mission: Bad Deal) - (Locate the Outlaw Auction) – Search Site 
• Bugger Quickplay (Contact: Disaster Protocol) - (Investigate Missing Arcanist) – Travel to Location 
• Bugger Quickplay (Contact: Arcanist Runes) - (Investigate Unusual Disturbance) – Fragments Recovered 5/6 
• Bugger Quickplay (Mission: The Fortress of Dawn) - (Recover the Javelin of Dawn) – Search Fortress 

Hotfix (23-02-2019)
• We have temporarily disabled the special ability on the component piece “Gunslinger's Mark” as the buff granted by the component would stack much higher than intended. The special ability on this component piece will be turned back on once a full fix can be implemented.
Personal Issues (22-02-2019)
• First Quickplay game I entered today was bugged and would not continue despite all of the team re-spawning. 
• Second Quickplay game I entered, I got knocked through the floor and glitched under the world. (Never happened to me before) 
• How do you Quickplay a stronghold now with this new Launch area design? 
• Still getting locked in and endless mission load screen when selecting Quickplay, 5+ minutes. (Ending the process only way out)
• Ultimate still showing as ready at the start of a mission when it’s not.
• Quickplay is a mess at the moment, more often than not I’m joining a bugged event. Joined onr today that ended as I entered, only it didn’t end for me, I was stuck in limbo (server no longer available) 
• Quickplay (Investigating the missing archive) again, no matter how fast you tried to fly to the objective area, everyone got put back in the same place, over and over.
Hotfix (22-02-2019)
• The final boss in the “Return to the Heart of Rage” Stronghold and crit path mission will now properly appear if a squad of Freelancers wipe before reaching it. 
• HDR on consoles can now be properly turned on. 
• Fixed a number of issues that were causing players to crash. 

Hotfix (21-02-2019)
• We have fixed an issue that displayed and rewarded the incorrect amount of Coin from various activities. 
• We have extended the timer that allows for matchmaking in a stronghold. This should allow groups to fill easier when matchmaking. 
• We have fixed an issue that was causing it to rain in game more than intended. 
• Weapons were incorrectly applying infusion proc/bonuses from being equipped when they should only have been applying bonuses from the weapon that was in the active slot. 
• Chests found in missions now have less of a chance to drop higher tiered items. 
• We have fixed the issue that was causing emotes not to save properly when bound. 
• We corrected an issue that was allowing players who still have shields active to be one shot by high damaging attacks.